Living in Vista!

09 September 2020

Read on for a quick Q & A between us and our Vista resident Darlene.  

P.S - the last question is the most important! :)


Where did you and your family live before Vista?

 We moved here from Baldivis – we really wanted to be close to the Coast

How long have you lived in Vista?

        2 years - it’s gone so quick!

 Why did you and your family choose to call Vista home?

The beautiful location close to the beach, walking distance to school, shops and parks.  It’s great to be get out easily with the kids.

 What about living in Vista makes your life easier?

I love being able to walk to the shop with the kids, also having the option of two great parks nearby has been amazing. I get out of the house on walks so much more, even walks to the beach. Also, it's so good having a great school just across the road too, we're able to walk to school when the weather is nice.

  Is there anything in particular you enjoy doing with others in your community?

We have a little estate playgroup organised with the kids, before Covid we'd do weekly playdates at the park. The estate also puts on great seasonal events (Christmas carols etc) which we love! And the shopping centre does awesome activities for the kids every week. Its very community minded here, with the estate Facebook pages we keep in touch and look out for one another. Very family orientated too.

  And finally, a VERY important question – what is your family’s favourite local take-away place?

The Singleton Beach Cafe is close and one of our favourite places for a meal, we also love "LIck ya lips" fish n chips for a family night at the beach. 

 The life of a Mum to three gorgeous kids is a busy one and we appreciate your time Darlene. Thank you!